30 BOPD + Add’l 20 BOPD With Hookup Of 2nd Well$ Protected

– Oil well with a 24-hour test at 335 bopd IP has continued producing at 25-40 bopd (average 30 bopd) with use of a water disposal well on location.

– Payback is at 3 years or less, based on recent production (from the first well only, and not counting the upside from the second well).

– Due to a partnership reorganization, the well was temporarily shut in in August.

– Production in that month was 30 bopd Oil, 500 bbl Water and 30 mcfpd Gas.

– Tank battery, gas pipeline, submersible pump and disposal well are in place. This well can immediately be put back online.


– Substantial upside in a second nearby horizontal well, estimated at 20 additional BOPD, on which work is mostly completed.

– All equipment is installed on the horizontal well, with only a 640 pumpjack and rods remaining.

– The disposal well to handle its water is permitted, with tubing and packer already in place.

– AFE (as Joint Interest Billing to the 100% WI) to finish work and bring this second horizontal well back online:

$65,000 for a 640 pumpjack, including rods and installation.

$30,000 – $40,000 to complete work on this (second) disposal well, depending on time needed to drill out the plug.

– 2 lease parcels, 320 acres each, with one horizontal well and disposal well on each.

– Low rate of decline, 2-4%.


– 30% WI (minimum) up to 78% WI (maximum) can be made available.

– 78% NRI.

– Price above per 1% WI

a) You can take over operations.
b) Operator can continue through a transition period.
c) Operator is willing to stay on, if desired, with a residual interest.

Please reply with full contact information for the potential buyer, or buyer’s direct agent.

We need to know who we are dealing with before sending confidential info, as you will understand.

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Date Posted: Wednesday, March 13th, 2019