Wolfcamp Minerals, 320 Acres + Surface for Sale$ Protected

Wolfcamp / Spraberry Minerals for Sale, a.k.a. “Wolfberry.”

320 acres, in the prime area of the Wolfcamp as delineated by the USGS. (Sitting atop the Horseshoe Atoll, which is the ultimate source bed for all of the producing formations). The well-known Scurry play to the east is also atop the Horseshoe Atoll.

Two very large mineral buyers have told us that the play will be at this location within 2 years. The Wolfcamp play has been rapidly moving north from where it was discovered at its southern edge, in Howard Co.

A large number of new drilling permits have been filed, as well as extensive leasing. As closely as we can determine from what is publicly available, it is now appx. 10 miles away. (The RRC still has not updated its area designation, and defines all new drilling permits as “Spraberry,” no matter to which depth. Virtually all new permits are to 9,500′, which goes to the lower Wolfcamp. The top of the Spraberry is appx. 7,000′).

Contains Wolfcamp A/C/D, Upper, Middle and Lower Spraberry, Leonard, Dean + deeper formations, same as at the point of discovery at the southern edge of the play in Howard Co.

Will sell minerals and surface acreage as a package, or separately if desired. The surface acreage will be desirable for those who wish to drill SWD wells. It is currently being commercially cotton-farmed for 50% of revenue. Pricing above is for acreage and minerals, contact me for separate pricing.

Please reply with information for an NDA. Contact info incl. name, (company if applicable), address and phone. Further info / conference call will follow. This is exclusive and direct to the owner, whom I know personally.

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Date Posted: Friday, November 10th, 2017