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Texas Hunting Land, LLC and our website www. Texas Hunting Land .com, we strive to help our clients find the recreational or cattle ranch property which best suits their needs. We specialize in the sale of Texas ranches, and have a number of hunting ranches and acreage for sale across North Texas, West Texas, and East Texas. The counties we specialize in are Archer, Clay, Baylor, Jack, Young, Shackelford, Stephens, Montague, Wichita, Hardeman, Foard, Knox, King, Childress, Eastland, Runnels, Stonewall, Palo Pinto and Wilbarger. We also have working cattle ranches for sale and are currently working on land for sale all across the state of Texas and Oklahoma. We also have ranches with minerals and executive leasing rights available.

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Minerals For Sale

85.2nma out of 640 ac. leased to High Plains Energy at 25% royalty.

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Permian Basin Producing WI for Sale

Single horizontal well recently drilled in the heart of the Permian Basin on 360 acre lease. Well producing + 400 bopd and +300 mcfpd in Wolfcamp "A" (surrounded by similar or better producing wells) with other zones behind pipe 1/8th carry (12.5%WI) with acreage. Heads up on drilling second well (AFE for 100%WI @ $10MM). Contact directly for price (will need to sign NDNC).

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West TX Production Plus

640+/- Acres in west TX producing 80 bopd with the opportunity to drill and add gas sales to existing production. 5 wells plus Injection. All depths on 3 of the wells.

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Production Plus Bonus

The Wells being offered have tremendous amount of growth potential. Current wells online are producing approximately 8 BOPD from the Fuller and Cisco Sands formations. The depth ranges from 4, 984’ – 5, 127’. The producing wells have 480 acres which are comprised of two leases, one 160 acre lease and one 320 acre lease. Up-hole and behind pipe, lies the San Andreas. This formation has not been exploited by the current operator and possibly holds potential hydrocarbon reservoirs. The property also includes its own disposal well. Additionally, the property includes one well drilled within the last 3 years. This well has never been produced and is maintained with a Halliburton shoe that has never been drilled. 5 Wells Total with 2 currently producing

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Six Wells Average Daily Production of 72.67 BOPD

6 Oil Wells to be Re-Opened. Working Interest Permian Basin, Texas The Oil Company currently owns six oil wells. Partners finance ONE WELL ONLY but will own a Working Interest in all 6 wells. After the sale of the first well, The Oil Company will use their portion to re-open the next 5 wells. WI partners receive their 1% of monthly income and their 1% of the sale price of the well. They DO NOT need to provide financing for the additional 5 wells. Upon joining as a Working Interest partner, The Oil Company will assign your Working Interest in the 6 wells currently own. The properties consist of approximately 500 acres. One well can be drilled on each 40 acres, into each production zone. Each property has 3 different production zones. This means that we have the Right to drill an additional 30 wells more than the current 6 wells. This is a valuable property under anybody’s assessment.

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Property with Commercial Opportunity

Property includes a house and a 5000 sqft metal building with 2 living quarters in the south end. Warehouse has sprayed in foam with 2 large bay doors. Lot includes 3 Fenced Acres with Caliche Base

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Two acres with Two metal buildings

2 acres with two metal buildings and office/living space Building #1 includes 1008 sqft of office/living space that could be used as a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath living quarters. Warehouse includes a 6" concrete base with 2 large bay doors and 2 walk-in doors. There is also an awning for parking. Lot includes 2 acres Building #2 is 1500 sqft with 1 bay door and 1 walk-in door. Property includes well and septic.

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30 BOPD + 60 BOPD Est. Upside – Distress Sale

- Oil well with a 24-hour test at 335 bopd IP has produced at 25-40 bopd (average 30 bopd) with use of a water disposal well on location. - Payback at 3 years or less, based on most recent production. This is using NET revenue, and is before counting any estimated upside from the re-work program. - Due to a partnership reorganization, (a former partner had not been paying its share of bills) this primary well was temporarily shut in in August. Due to a desire to retire the debt from the former partner, this is being sold at a much-better-than-usual price for this level of production. All debt will be retired, and production will immediately be restored. - Production in August was 30 bopd Oil, 500 bbl Water and 30 mcfpd Gas. (The water will be cut down to appx. 200 bwpd as part of a recommended workover program, plugging off one zone that was cut into when drilling). - Tank battery, gas pipeline, submersible pump and disposal well are in place. This well can immediately be put back online. (Appx. 30 days in, with insertion of the plug, we recommend taking out the submersible pump and replacing it with a 640 Pumpjack and Rods, thereby cutting the electrical bill from $7 - $8000 per month, to appx. $2,000 per month, and very quickly paying for itself). - An engineering report on this well alone, prepared in 2014 by the major operator which had drilled it, showed 427,468 barrels of reserves, and 49.58 years’ life expectancy. UPSIDE: - The first horizontal well has a second permitted SWD well available to handle increased fluid volume. The major company which had drilled the wells had estimated a production increase of 40-70 additional barrels of oil per day from this well alone, if more fluid could be moved. With the plugging of the zone from which the water is coming, (and none of the oil) the 2nd SWD well may not be needed at all, but is available to us. Using the more conservative number, we estimate an additional 40 bopd from this work. - Substantial upside exists in a second nearby horizontal well, which can be brought back online at an estimated 20 BOPD, on which work is mostly completed. - All equipment is installed on this well, with only a 640 pumpjack and rods remaining. - The disposal well to handle its water is permitted, with tubing and packer already in place. - There are 2 lease parcels, 320 acres each, with one horizontal well and disposal well on each. - There is Wolfcamp, San Andres and Strawn up the hole in the horizontal wells. Cemented with full Cement Bond Log. - An existing vertical well could also be a producer in the Wolfcamp or Strawn, after geological evaluation. - High specific gravity oil, ranging in the upper 30s to 40.6. - Low rate of decline, 2-4%. - All leases are HBP. There has been some intermittent natural production during the time the partnership re-organization was underway. - TERMS: - 30% WI (minimum) up to 78% WI (maximum) can be made available. - 78% NRI on the higher-producing HZ well, and 75% on the second HZ well. - Price above per 1% WI a) You can take over operations. b) Operator can continue through a transition period. c) Operator is willing to stay on, if desired, with a residual interest. Please reply with full contact information.

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