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Reentry on Tannehill Well

Tannehill well that had some production was ordered to be plugged by RRC because of leak. A geologist confirmed that the leak was on the back side and has recommended that the plugs be drilled out and well put back on line. An RRC approved disposal well is on property and this well made about […]

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Mississippi Reef Prospect

Mississippi Reef prospect. Have had one prior Mississippi on property that produced 40,000 barrels of oil. I have information on the test done. Contact for pricing.

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$ 220,000

Producing oil well with 900 acre lease available

Producing oil well 6 barrels a day, one drilled with no frac both have tank batteries. Plus 900 acre potential for additional drilling. 3 – 300bbls tanks 2 separators, heater treater, pumping unit, an additional pad, 100bbls tank and a kinder Morgan tap for the sale of any natural gas that is produced. A 4 […]

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$ 200,000

80 BOPD–NON Operated

Proven income producing non-operated working interest

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$ 1,250,000

25 BOPD 70 MCF Working Interest

All wells in a 30 mile radius.

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$ 100,000

90 Acre Lease & ORRI’s in 5 producing wells in East Texas Field

The lease is +-90 Acres located in the middle of the prolific East Texas Field with a 100% Working Interest on the acreage with a 79+% NRI, room for 8 new wells/reentries on the 10 Acre spacing in the East Texas Field for reentry/secondary recovery by waterflood or gas lift, etc. Includes Overriding Interests in […]

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$ 158,000

Producing Oil Wells/Leases for Sell

Five leases with 14 wells and an SWD well: Three on production ~11bbl/d Twelve wells work-over opportunity – target production 40bbl/d

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$ 240,000

Producing Oil Lease with Injection Well

4 producing wells and 1 injection well. Over the last year my team has completely gone through this lease and have it in tip top shape. We did a workover on the injection well, replaced the majority of all the tubing on the lease and overhauled each pump jack. Replumbed the tank battery and installed […]

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$ 75,000

Oil & Gas Minerals For Sale – 500 acres in Hockley-Yegua Trend

1/6 Executive Leasing Rights for sale in proven Frio, Jackson and Yegua Trend. Development Potential: Yegua Test Well with PUD’s prematurely P&A’d due to problems w/former Surface-owner. 2nd Yegua Test Location identified by 3D seismic. Largely undeveloped Frio and Jackson Stratigraphic Zones need to be further identified using 3D Seismic Amplitude Anomaly Techniques. Terms of […]

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$ 50,000

6-Well 3D Oil Drilling Program For Sale

6 – Shallow (4600’) Oil Prospects defined by 3D Seismic in highly oil productive Jackson-Yegua Trend. Multi-Million Barrel Oilfields in Immediate Area. Multi-pays in Same Wellbore, Reasonable Lease Bonus Costs. Estimated Reserves: 1.37 MBO (Main Pays – 6 Wells) Prospect Validation: Down-dip Oil shows Lease Acreage Required: 500 acres (Multiple Tracts) Comments: Low Risk w/3D […]

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