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$ 100,000

90 Acre Lease & ORRI’s in 5 producing wells in East Texas Field

The lease is +-90 Acres located in the middle of the prolific East Texas Field with a 100% Working Interest on the acreage with a 79+% NRI, room for 8 new wells/reentries on the 10 Acre spacing in the East Texas Field for reentry/secondary recovery by waterflood or gas lift, etc. Includes Overriding Interests in […]

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25 Bopd

22 Producing wells with potential, (3) injection wells and (7) wells currently active but not producing.

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$ 1,000

Long History Producing Lease

Long life, low decline producing asset producing over 65,000 bbls of oil since 1993. The lease is currently producing a steady 4 bbls oil per day and less than 1 barrel water per day. Facilities were upgraded late 2021 to include a new gunbarrel and 300 barrel oil tank. 3 wells, one producing and two […]

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$ 158,000

Producing Oil Wells/Leases for Sell

Five leases with 14 wells and an SWD well: Three on production ~11bbl/d Twelve wells work-over opportunity – target production 40bbl/d

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$ 240,000

Producing Oil Lease with Injection Well

4 producing wells and 1 injection well. Over the last year my team has completely gone through this lease and have it in tip top shape. We did a workover on the injection well, replaced the majority of all the tubing on the lease and overhauled each pump jack. Replumbed the tank battery and installed […]

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$ 75,000

Oil & Gas Minerals For Sale – 500 acres in Hockley-Yegua Trend

1/6 Executive Leasing Rights for sale in proven Frio, Jackson and Yegua Trend. Development Potential: Yegua Test Well with PUD’s prematurely P&A’d due to problems w/former Surface-owner. 2nd Yegua Test Location identified by 3D seismic. Largely undeveloped Frio and Jackson Stratigraphic Zones need to be further identified using 3D Seismic Amplitude Anomaly Techniques. Terms of […]

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$ 50,000

6-Well 3D Oil Drilling Program For Sale

6 – Shallow (4600’) Oil Prospects defined by 3D Seismic in highly oil productive Jackson-Yegua Trend. Multi-Million Barrel Oilfields in Immediate Area. Multi-pays in Same Wellbore, Reasonable Lease Bonus Costs. Estimated Reserves: 1.37 MBO (Main Pays – 6 Wells) Prospect Validation: Down-dip Oil shows Lease Acreage Required: 500 acres (Multiple Tracts) Comments: Low Risk w/3D […]

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$ 35,000

Oil Drilling Prospect For Sale – Adjacent to Proven Look-A-Like Oil Field

Shallow (3500’) Oil Prospects defined by well-control in highly oil productive Queen City Trend. Multi-Million Barrel Oilfield Production in immediate area on both sides. Multi-pay sands in same wellbore up-hole and down-hole. Estimated Reserves: 368,000bbls Oil (Main Pay + 4 Offset Well Locations) Type of Trap: High-side Closure on 150ft Down-to-the-Coast Fault (good fault control) […]

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$ 35,000

Dual Oil Drilling Prospects For Sale – One Prospect Stratigraphic Pinch-out & One Prospect High-side Closure in Same Vicksburg Sand

Shallow (5000’) Vicksburg Oil Prospects defined by well-control in highly oil & gas productive Frio-Vx Trend. Stratigraphic Oil Sand Pinch-out Prospect split by Up-to-the-Coast Fault for 2nd Prospect. Four to Five Offset Drilling Locations. Stratigraphic Pinch-out Prospect Objective to Capture Attic Oil. Numerous Frio Channel Sands in Prospect Locations. Reasonable Lease Bonus Costs. Estimated Reserves: […]

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$ 750,000

90 Well Package

Multiple pay zones, with upside, tons of equipment.

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