43 South Texas Oil Wells$ Protected

Production from 43 producing wells is being sold by a very well-known independent geologist in South Texas that would be non-op (has operators) for 9 million with 52 total PUD locations and 7 PDNP re-entry wells that are ready to be drilled. The ROI is 3.43 based on the EUR and cost of all of the PUDs and PDNPs if he was to pay for 100 percent of the costs which he currently only has a portion of (his portion averages 9% WI and 2.5 ORRI). The leases total 6,845 acres and are located in close proximity to RRC District 2. He is selling what he owns which is a portion of the ORRI and Non-Operating Working Interest on each lease. The Working Interest amounts vary from 2 to 40 percent on most of the leases and the ORRI varies from 2 to 5 percent on most of the leases with the remainder of the interest owned by private investors and the operators. He owns the majority of the working interest in most of the leases, so he has the ability to propose more wells which would be transferred to the investor or company that buys these wells. The wells currently make a total of 67.16 BOPD and 407.57 BOPD based on the amount of working interest and ORRI he owns, which profits him $121,793 a month after lease operating expenses.

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Date Posted: Monday, November 27th, 2017