Lease in Runnels County$ Protected

The lease is a 300-acre continuous tract with 8 wells with 5 currently capable of producing, 0 shut-in producers, 2 injectors, 1 supply and 0 plugged wells in Runnels County, TX. This lease was producing ~170 BOPM (4-6 BOPD) and ~100 MCFPM (3-4 MCFPD) with potential to make 200+ BOPM (7 BOPD) and 150+ MCFPM (5 MCFPD) with a current 100% WI and 80% NRI.

The productive zone is located at ~4,500’. The wells were drilled in the early 1990’s on 20-acre and 40-acre spacing. The remaining PDP reserves available through the current wellbores is 56.5 MBO and 17.5 MMCF. Two of the wells were pulled and worked over in 2016 with 2 more being worked over in 2017.

Acreage 300 Acres
Production 170+ BOPM / 100+ MCFPM
Reserves 20 MBO / 14.6 MMCF
PDP 20 MBO / 14.6 MMCF
EUR Not Calculated
WI / NRI 100% / 80%
District / County 7B / Runnels
Wellbores 8
Producers 5
Injectors 2
Supply 1
Battery 6xSTL oil + 3xFG H2O + 4xSEP
Surface Equipment 4xBPU / 2xPCP
Infrastructure Flowlines + Electrical
Lifting Cost $5/BO

Note: Total recovery of oil in place was not calculated due to the limited data available through public records. Volumetric reservoir calculations yielded 4.53 MMBO and 1.65 BCF EUR (Thickness=10’, Porosity=30%, So=65%, Sg=25%).

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Date Posted: Monday, November 26th, 2018