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$ 23,500

*SOLD* – Callahan Oil Lease Development Program -Est Payout Under 1 Year

*SOLD* Plan is to convert an injection well back into oil and drill 3 shallow wells. 60 acre lease with 2.5 acre spacing. 3 wells doing 3 BOPD with 2 injectors. $20K to convert an injection well to oil could bring lease to 25 BOPD. Cost to drill and complete single well @ 1,500′ estimated […]

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$ 16,000

Re entry Offsetting 33 BOPD and 246 MCF/Day

We have a 320 acre lease, 80% NRI with a well we plan to re enter in next 30 days. The well has 32 feet of sand pays, including Gardner, Jennings, Fry and Overall. Serratt Sand may also produce. Jennings and Fry produce in offset wells. Currently have 30% Working Interest Available. Minimum purchase 5% […]

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$ 16,500

Checkerboard On 2 million + Bbl Lease Partners Wanted

We are looking for a few partners to help develop a checkerboard on 500+ acre lease which has produced over 2 million barrels oil from NW/4 of property. The remaining acreage was never developed. 9 wells on property now. Have 8 pays which have produced with 3 more never tested. $16,500 minimum investment.

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$ 400

Cline Shale Minerals for Lease

Well over 1,000 acres available for lease in two counties of the Cline Shale region. Drilling activity is picking up in this area. Other formations have been highly productive in this area as well. Contact me for more information and legal descriptions.

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$ 20,000

Commercial SWD Location for Lease

Great potential location for commercial SWD facility in Cline Shale area. This property is located on a major highway. Three phase electricity is available. Minerals are available for lease on this property as well. Contact me for more information.

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