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$ 300,000

8 BOEPD +/- Caddo Well

6 BOPD +/- and 50 =/- MCFPD. Holds 40 ac. Nets over 10K per month.

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$ 5,500

Central TX Offset Well Development Program

80 Acre Lease and SWD access (part of +400 acre lease) Surrounding production and shut-in well on lease indicating presence of King Sand formation. (Shut-in well produced for a while but completed incorrectly by previous group) Plan is to drill single offset well to 2,800’ to test and complete to the King Sand Estimated 30-60 […]

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Permian Basin Producing WI for Sale

Single horizontal well recently drilled in the heart of the Permian Basin on 360 acre lease. Well producing + 400 bopd and +300 mcfpd in Wolfcamp “A” (surrounded by similar or better producing wells) with other zones behind pipe 1/8th carry (12.5%WI) with acreage. Heads up on drilling second well (AFE for 100%WI @ $10MM). […]

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$ 175,000

Lease in Runnels County

The lease is a 300-acre continuous tract with 8 wells with 5 currently capable of producing, 0 shut-in producers, 2 injectors, 1 supply and 0 plugged wells in Runnels County, TX. This lease was producing ~170 BOPM (4-6 BOPD) and ~100 MCFPM (3-4 MCFPD) with potential to make 200+ BOPM (7 BOPD) and 150+ MCFPM […]

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$ 275,000

614 Acre shallow (1300′) Lease

614 Acre shallow Palo Pinto county lease. Lease is in production and makes approx. 4 bopd. 6 wells in production. 2 very good injection wells (both passed H5 test this month). Lease has many in-fill drilling locations at 2 acre spacing Lease comes with a metal 18X40 shop building with spare inventory Tank Battery is […]

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$ 200,000

Seeking Non-Op Working Interest South Texas

Seeking a non-op working interest partner to participate in a development drilling program in 2019-20. Partner will join 3 other WI partners. Expect IP’s 100-200 BOPD, 5-7 months payback, 20 year well life, 20% WI available. First well scheduled for late 1Q2019.

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$ 550,000

Conventional South Texas Package

Conventional Duval county shallow oil opportunity! The lease is comprised of 86 acres HBP from 4 shallow formation oil wells Ranging in between 3,338 and 4,400′. The lease currently generates approx. 9 BOPD and approx. 145 MCF of natural gas per day. NO electricity, as the wells run off of casing-head gas. High behind the […]

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$ 3,500,000

Producing Permian Basin WI (carry) for Sale

Single horizontal well recently drilled in the heart of the Permian Basin. Frac complete…doing +400 BO and retrieving water and frack fluid. Estimated +1800 BOPD IP in Wolfcamp “A” (surrounded by similar or better producing wells) with other zones behind pipe on 360 acre lease Payout estimated around 16 months 1/8th carry (12.5%WI) with acreage […]

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$ 26,250

Central TX Offset Lease Development Program

400 acres with existing disposal well and gas pipeline access. Ran by Texaco in 1970’s Company that has acquired this lease has produced 3 other leases in the area with consistent results Plan is to drill 5 wells to 2,800’ and test the Marble Falls and the Caddo Estimated 50-150MBO recoverable with production rate 50-120 […]

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$ 30,000

West TX Producing WI for Sale

Single well on 40 acre lease in production for almost 30 years Shallow production decline curve for past 10 years Large Operator has been in possession for over 20 years Average monthly net income around $900 for past year based on WI for sale Price above for 12.5%WI @ 75%WI ID 1186

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