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Texas Hunting Land, LLC and our website www. Texas Hunting Land .com, we strive to help our clients find the recreational or cattle ranch property which best suits their needs. We specialize in the sale of Texas ranches, and have a number of hunting ranches and acreage for sale across North Texas, West Texas, and East Texas. The counties we specialize in are Archer, Clay, Baylor, Jack, Young, Shackelford, Stephens, Montague, Wichita, Hardeman, Foard, Knox, King, Childress, Eastland, Runnels, Stonewall, Palo Pinto and Wilbarger. We also have working cattle ranches for sale and are currently working on land for sale all across the state of Texas and Oklahoma. We also have ranches with minerals and executive leasing rights available.

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Jim Wells County Multiple Shallow Frio/Miocene and Shale

We are operators with thousands of wells behind us and we've got a good play we're currently developing. 10,000 plus acre field. We're offering non-op WI. 1. 9-15 zones per well have logged, cored and tested oil or gas above 4000'. Super Stacked Frio/Miocene. 2. 9 of these sands have produced in the past (6 mil bbls and 28 bcf from 31 shallow wells) 3. 6-30 month payout per zone per well. Maybe sooner. Dual completion potential in all wells. Easy verticals in Frio/Miocene sands. 4. Est reserves 100-200,000 bbls 500,000 MCF- 1 BCF per well. 5. Over-pressured oil and gas bearing shale with .71 pressure gradient at 6100'. Produced in past unfrac'd. Will not have declines of a normal shale. If you're interested give me a call at the number below.

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Currently producing 1-2 b.o.p.d. on one well. Very little water. 4 wells in total. Others need a little work to bring production up to 4-5 b.o.p.d. Excellent investment.

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La Sara Field (South Texas)

There are distinct phases in the life of every oil and gas well that is drilled. When a well is first drilled, pressure depletion and gravity drive deliver the oil to the surface. During this phase anywhere from 10 to 35% of the original oil in place will be recovered. Once the well pressure drops due to the gas cap being blown down, the ability of the formation to move a heavy column of oil and or water to the surface becomes severely diminished. At this point in time, Oil and Gas companies are faced with the challenge of extending the life of the field. Many factors affect the method employed to enhance the recovery of the oil left in place after the Primary Recovery phase is over. Water flooding and thermal techniques such as hot water and steam flooding account for 40% of the Enhanced Oil Recovery production in the United States. Other methods include chemical and CO2 flooding. In formations that produce sufficient amounts of saltwater in addition to oil, there exists the opportunity to re‐inject the produced formation water into injection wells, driving displaced, stranded oil into the producing wellbores. Injected water also helps to increase depleted reservoir pressures and, the risk of formation damage is minimal, as the water and the rock are highly compatible. When utilizing the proper EOR strategy, companies can expect to recover up to an additional 50% of the oil left in place after the primary recovery phase of production

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North Odem Prospect

Basal Frio exploratory well just north of Odem Field. Expected IP of 85-100 BOPD. 75% NRI

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South Texas Oil and Gas Production

We are currently selling oil and gas production from 43 wells located in South Texas. Most of these leases have PUDs and PDPs that have proven oil tests and cores. We have maps and reservoir studies on each one of these leases, which I can send to any interested buyers. The properties currently make a total of $108,012 per month after lease operating expenses. We are asking the price above for the entire production package. If you bring me an investor that buys this production, I will give you a 60,000$ cash commission.

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South Texas Oil Production

I am currently selling all of the production from 50 producing wells. This includes all working interest and overrides for the producing wells. If you are interested in only a couple of wells, please let me know. We encourage you to hire a reservoir engineer to assess the past and future production of these wells. These wells are mostly Frio and Vicksburg sandstone wells which can last up to 30 years and have a steady rate of production compared to shale oil wells. The wells currently make about $86,370 per month after Lease Operating Expenses at today’s oil price of $54 and gas price of $3.77.

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Conventional South Texas Package

Conventional Duval county shallow oil opportunity! The lease is comprised of 86 acres HBP from 4 shallow formation oil wells Ranging in between 3,338 and 4,400'. The lease currently generates approx. 9 BOPD and approx. 145 MCF of natural gas per day. NO electricity, as the wells run off of casing-head gas. High behind the pipe potential exist in the Cole sand at the depth of only 2,000'. All surface and production equipment conveys with purchase. Asking price above O.B.O

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Oil Drilling Prospect For Sale – Adjacent to Proven Look-A-Like Oil Field

Shallow (3500’) Oil Prospects defined by well-control in highly oil productive Queen City Trend. Multi-Million Barrel Oilfield Production in immediate area on both sides. Multi-pay sands in same wellbore up-hole and down-hole. Estimated Reserves: 368,000bbls Oil (Main Pay + 4 Offset Well Locations) Type of Trap: High-side Closure on 150ft Down-to-the-Coast Fault (good fault control) Prospect Validation: Down-dip Oil shows Lease Acreage Required: 330 acres (3 Tracts) 3D Seismic: Available for Purchase ($25K/sq-mi – 5 sq-mi min.) Terms of Sale: Cash & 1/32 of 8/8ths ORRI (Subject to Prior Sale) PRINCIPALS ONLY – NO BROKERS! $1,500.00 PRESENTATION REVIEW FEE (APPLICABLE TOWARD PROJECT SALE DEPOSIT)

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6-Well 3D Oil Drilling Program For Sale

6 - Shallow (4600’) Oil Prospects defined by 3D Seismic in highly oil productive Jackson-Yegua Trend. Multi-Million Barrel Oilfields in Immediate Area. Multi-pays in Same Wellbore, Reasonable Lease Bonus Costs. Estimated Reserves: 1.37 MBO (Main Pays – 6 Wells) Prospect Validation: Down-dip Oil shows Lease Acreage Required: 500 acres (Multiple Tracts) Comments: Low Risk w/3D Seismic Terms of Sale: Cash & 1/32 of 8/8ths ORRI (Subject to Prior Sale) PRINCIPALS ONLY – NO BROKERS! $1,500.00 PRESENTATION REVIEW FEE (APPLICABLE TOWARD PROJECT SALE DEPOSIT)

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Oil & Gas Minerals For Sale – 500 acres in Hockley-Yegua Trend

1/6 Executive Leasing Rights for sale in proven Frio, Jackson and Yegua Trend. Development Potential: Yegua Test Well with PUD’s prematurely P&A’d due to problems w/former Surface-owner. 2nd Yegua Test Location identified by 3D seismic. Largely undeveloped Frio and Jackson Stratigraphic Zones need to be further identified using 3D Seismic Amplitude Anomaly Techniques. Terms of Sale: Price Above (includes 3D seismic) Comments: No Dry Holes on Property – More Drilling Locations PRINCIPALS ONLY – NO BROKERS! (Subject to Prior Sale)

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Dual Oil Drilling Prospects For Sale – One Prospect Stratigraphic Pinch-out & One Prospect High-side Closure in Same Vicksburg Sand

Shallow (5000’) Vicksburg Oil Prospects defined by well-control in highly oil & gas productive Frio-Vx Trend. Stratigraphic Oil Sand Pinch-out Prospect split by Up-to-the-Coast Fault for 2nd Prospect. Four to Five Offset Drilling Locations. Stratigraphic Pinch-out Prospect Objective to Capture Attic Oil. Numerous Frio Channel Sands in Prospect Locations. Reasonable Lease Bonus Costs. Estimated Reserves: 160ac x 7ft Pay x 250bbl/ac-ft=280,000bbls Oil (Main Pay + 4 Offset Wells) Type of Trap: Stratigraphic Pinch-out Prospect & Structural High-side Closure on 30ft Up-to-the-Coast Fault (good fault control) Prospect Validation: Down-dip Oil Production & Oil Shows Lease Acreage Required: 200 acres out of 650acres (Main Prospect), Reasonable Lease Bonus Costs Terms of Sale: Cash & 1/32 of 8/8ths ORRI (Subject to Prior Sale) PRINCIPALS ONLY – NO BROKERS! $1,500.00 PRESENTATION REVIEW FEE (APPLICABLE TOWARD PROJECT SALE DEPOSIT)

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