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Texas Hunting Land, LLC and our website www. Texas Hunting Land .com, we strive to help our clients find the recreational or cattle ranch property which best suits their needs. We specialize in the sale of Texas ranches, and have a number of hunting ranches and acreage for sale across North Texas, West Texas, and East Texas. The counties we specialize in are Archer, Clay, Baylor, Jack, Young, Shackelford, Stephens, Montague, Wichita, Hardeman, Foard, Knox, King, Childress, Eastland, Runnels, Stonewall, Palo Pinto and Wilbarger. We also have working cattle ranches for sale and are currently working on land for sale all across the state of Texas and Oklahoma. We also have ranches with minerals and executive leasing rights available.

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Oil Wells for Sale

Good potential. 14 wells. One producing 4 barrels per day. Five others producing, but with high water content. Others in need of some repairs.

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Oil leases for sale – East Texas Woodbine area

Seeking to sell several oil leases located in the Woodbine Formation, East Texas Area. 17 leases with 82 wells total for sale. Good potential.

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90 Acre Lease & ORRI’s in 5 producing wells in East Texas Field

The lease is +-90 Acres located in the middle of the prolific East Texas Field with a 100% Working Interest on the acreage with a 79+% NRI, room for 8 new wells/reentries on the 10 Acre spacing in the East Texas Field for reentry/secondary recovery by waterflood or gas lift, etc. Includes Overriding Interests in one Woodbine well and four Cotton Valley producing wells.

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Oil Leases for Sale in the East Texas Woodbine

I am currently seeking to sell 17 leases/82 wells located in the East Texas Woodbine area. These wells have been out of production since the end of 2015, but past production reports will show that they generate great revenue and profitable returns. If interested please call or email me to discuss.

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Producing oil well with 900 acre lease available

Producing oil well 6 barrels a day, one drilled with no frac both have tank batteries. Plus 900 acre potential for additional drilling. 3 - 300bbls tanks 2 separators, heater treater, pumping unit, an additional pad, 100bbls tank and a kinder Morgan tap for the sale of any natural gas that is produced. A 4 “ pipeline in place running the length of the lease with future taps.

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