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$ 300,000

N TX Lease Re-Development Program

1500 acre lease. Has produced over 100 MBO in single payzone Over 1 MMBO in estimated recoverable reserves in PDP payzone with 2 untested payzones. Plan is to re-enter multiple wells to re-complete in PDP zone and test 2 others to bring lease production up to at least 25 bopd – Phase I Estimated payout […]

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$ 300,000

8 BOEPD +/- Caddo Well

6 BOPD +/- and 50 =/- MCFPD. Holds 40 ac. Nets over 10K per month.

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$ 5,500

Central TX Offset Well Development Program

80 Acre Lease and SWD access (part of +400 acre lease) Surrounding production and shut-in well on lease indicating presence of King Sand formation. (Shut-in well produced for a while but completed incorrectly by previous group) Plan is to drill single offset well to 2,800’ to test and complete to the King Sand Estimated 30-60 […]

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Permian Basin Producing WI for Sale

Single horizontal well recently drilled in the heart of the Permian Basin on 360 acre lease. Well producing + 400 bopd and +300 mcfpd in Wolfcamp “A” (surrounded by similar or better producing wells) with other zones behind pipe 1/8th carry (12.5%WI) with acreage. Heads up on drilling second well (AFE for 100%WI @ $10MM). […]

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$ 175,000

Lease in Runnels County

The lease is a 300-acre continuous tract with 8 wells with 5 currently capable of producing, 0 shut-in producers, 2 injectors, 1 supply and 0 plugged wells in Runnels County, TX. This lease was producing ~170 BOPM (4-6 BOPD) and ~100 MCFPM (3-4 MCFPD) with potential to make 200+ BOPM (7 BOPD) and 150+ MCFPM […]

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$ 275,000

614 Acre shallow (1300′) Lease

614 Acre shallow Palo Pinto county lease. Lease is in production and makes approx. 4 bopd. 6 wells in production. 2 very good injection wells (both passed H5 test this month). Lease has many in-fill drilling locations at 2 acre spacing Lease comes with a metal 18X40 shop building with spare inventory Tank Battery is […]

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$ 250,000

Atascosa County Prospect

Conventional Atascosa county dream oil prospect! Prospectus contains 127.3 acre lease located up-dip to a major strand line/fault, and is a possible extension of the massive Charlotte oilfield which has produced 45 million barrels of oil since inception! The target is various Olmos formation sands at a TD of 5,100′. Owner is willing to go […]

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$ 200,000

Seeking Non-Op Working Interest South Texas

Seeking a non-op working interest partner to participate in a development drilling program in 2019-20. Partner will join 3 other WI partners. Expect IP’s 100-200 BOPD, 5-7 months payback, 20 year well life, 20% WI available. First well scheduled for late 1Q2019.

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$ 550,000

Conventional South Texas Package

Conventional Duval county shallow oil opportunity! The lease is comprised of 86 acres HBP from 4 shallow formation oil wells Ranging in between 3,338 and 4,400′. The lease currently generates approx. 9 BOPD and approx. 145 MCF of natural gas per day. NO electricity, as the wells run off of casing-head gas. High behind the […]

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$ 3,500,000

Producing Permian Basin WI (carry) for Sale

Single horizontal well recently drilled in the heart of the Permian Basin. Frac complete…doing +400 BO and retrieving water and frack fluid. Estimated +1800 BOPD IP in Wolfcamp “A” (surrounded by similar or better producing wells) with other zones behind pipe on 360 acre lease Payout estimated around 16 months 1/8th carry (12.5%WI) with acreage […]

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