Benefits of Partnering With Oil and Gas Industry Experts

Whether you want to know what rights you presently own, you already own mineral rights, want to buy/lease mineral rights, or just want to invest in exploration and production of mineral rights, the process can be a complicated one. Fortunately, there are people in the industry who have access to resources that will save you time and energy, and may even help you make a fortune.

Want to Know if You Own Mineral Rights?

If you own property in Texas, you own the surface rights, which means you have the ability to build on the property and to farm/ranch on it. You may or may not own the mineral rights.  The mineral rights and surface rights don’t have to be sold together and often times they’re sold to different parties. To uncover who owns the mineral rights you’ll need to do a bit of digging and research. You’ll need to head to the country clerk’s office to sort through old property records and title deeds to determine when and if the mineral rights and surface rights were ever sold separately.  This research can be tedious, as you have to know what to look for and may need to review documents well back into the 1800s. A title company can assist you with this.  They can provide you a title opinion, which will present their expert opinion on ownership of surface and mineral rights.

Own Mineral Rights?

If you own mineral rights in Texas, these rights could be worth a fortune. Texas is a hot bed of activity, with hundreds of oil and gas companies actively leasing and drilling across the state.  Texas is rich with oil fields, and the majority of counties in Texas contain active wells. If you own mineral rights and want to make money, you have two options. You can sell the rights or you can lease them. In both instances you want to get the best deal possible for your assets. You want to negotiate a lease with a reputable company that provides fair terms, bonus and royalty payments.  If you sell, you’ll want to shop around for the highest paying buyer.  Putting your mineral rights in front of a large audience will help this process.  Working with a broker or agent may help this process if you do not wish to do so yourself.

Want to Buy Mineral Rights?

If you want to buy mineral rights, it’s helpful to work with people who not only know what’s available to buy, but who also understand the value of various properties and their corresponding rights. You want to be able to get the best deal on the most valuable mineral rights. When you buy mineral rights, you can either lease them to oil and gas companies or sell them to another party for a profit. It makes sense to invest in an expert or organization which can help you find the best deal.

Want to Invest in Exploration and Production of Mineral Rights?

The process of oil and gas exploration and production in Texas can be quite complicated.  It is a highly regulated trade.  Due to this, the startup costs can be tremendous for a beginner.  It often takes an individual years of experience to learn to turn a profit in the oil field.  There are many companies across the state of Texas who are seeking investment partners for the exploration and production of oil and gas.  Here, there are many opportunities available for an investor.  Luckily, an investor will not have to invest the startup money to start an exploration and production company.  They’ll likely only pay their portion of administration and working expenses.  An investor can assume a silent partner role in the company by not exerting their time and efforts into exploration and production projects.  These kind of relationships can often be very lucrative for each the investor and the oil company.

Ultimately, partnering with an oil and gas industry expert can help you save time, save money and make the most of your rights and your assets.

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